What is alternative medicine

What is alternative medicine

What is “alternative medicine”, and why should we, or why are we, interested in its sometimes unexplained effectiveness? Well, there are a few “dictionary definitions” of what alternative medicine is, but here is the one I think fits best with the ultimate goal and mission of alternative medicine :

Alternative medicine is any variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine, that do not follow generally accepted medical methods and may not have a scientific explanation for their effectiveness.

The last part about the scientific proof is a key part of alternative medicine. Unfortunately, many times there is a serious lack of funding to research alternative, or natural methods of treatment for various health conditions, diseases and mental conditions, since most of the research in this area is focused on the pharmaceutical aspect.

Nonetheless, there is proof in the multiple honest testimonials of people who swear by certain natural remedies and treatments that have done better for them many times than conventional medical treatments.

Not only that, there are documented, unexplained but true stories of miraculous recoveries from people who have used alternative natural means to either beat a disease or get back on the track to health, and not by using conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine research and use is becoming an appealing option for so many Americans today who are tired of being overmedicated and drugged up on a million different drugs when the treatment can be so much more simple, and so much more in harmony with our bodies and nature, without clouding our minds and bodies with harmful chemicals which can only cause further problems.

That’s really what this online magazine is about. The quest for answers to the alternative options that are truly out there. The breakthroughs and personal stories of people who have had success and failures with various natural remedies, tinctures and supplements.


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