What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of?

What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of?

Losing weight seems to be a national past time for most people. I for one, never really worried too much about my weight. My diet seemed ok and my exercise regime was pretty impressive. As life progressed and my levels of responsibility started to increase i.e. work, family, my “healthy” regime started to take a back seat.

I knew that I could find the time if really necessary, but procrastination finally led to a shift in my weight. All of a sudden I started to put weight on. At first it was just a few inches here and there, then it started to become cumulative and before I knew it, I was considered obese – ouch!

The time had come to give my health top priority – but how? I was not prepared to use a quick fix, fad diet, such as carbs or protein or nicotine etc etc. The plan was to lose the weight and keep it off, with a measured degree of discipline and common sense.

After weeks of dedicated research and some false starts, I finally settled on a tried and tested formula of:
Burn more calories than you consume – through healthy eating and exercise.

The answer lay in following a Mediterranean diet. I’m pleased to say that the weight came off, I love the food that I now eat and the summer holiday on the beach is no longer scaring me silly.

The following are some simple tips that will help you get started:

1) Learn how to read food labels. You need to be able to understand the difference in calorie content between proteins, fats and carbohydrates and then be able to do the maths.

2) Find out how many calories you burn everyday with your daily routine. Are you desk bound?

3) Understand portion control. It is so easy to over eat, so try and control what you put on your plate and chew before you swallow. People that eat too quickly tend to put on weight.

4) Finally, make sure that you are aware of any psychological issues you may have with food.

If you’re serious abut keeping the weight off and have consulted your doctor prior to starting any diet then visit healthydiettoday.info to learn more about following a Mediterranean diet to lose weight healthily and safely.