What A Doctor Needs To Do When Accused Of Medical Malpractice

What A Doctor Needs To Do When Accused Of Medical Malpractice
It is true that there are many cases of medical malpractice. Many die because of the inefficiency of a doctor, a nurse, a hospital or any medical practitioner. But there are also times that these health personnel are victims of wrong accusations. When a family member dies, many would blame the doctor; ultimately sue the same physician for medical malpractice.

Here are the consequences if you lose the case against you. The victim’s family will make monetary claims which sometimes are magnanimous. The documented amount could be the medical and hospitalization bills and the funeral expenses. But the family will also make a computation on the probable lost income. What could be valued highly would be the lost of emotional involvement of the deceased to the family. Companionship, love and care to be received from the victim by the family will be quantified. Although this is hard to compute, still, some monetary amount can be attached to this claim.

You can get imprinted with the stigma of inefficiency. Your profession and reputation will be tainted. You lose the respect and trust of even your closest friends and associates. In many cases, your license as doctor can even be revoked.

If you were the doctor, what necessary steps should you undertake?

When you are accused of medical malpractice, your initial action needs to keep in touch with a criminal defense lawyer – someone with sufficient experience. Remember, your profession, reputation and family are at stake. Even if you are not at fault, you may be accused. There are some people who thinking that a doctor is to be blamed resort to filing of a case. It is upon you to refute their allegations; it is your responsibility to produce evidences contrary to their allegations.

You and your defense lawyer will act hand in hand in the resolution of your case. First move is to examine the medical or hospitalization records. Was it really your fault? Or- some other health officer like the nurse could have committed the wrongful act and was just blamed on you? Or – the deceased’s family just wanted to find somebody to blame and get compensated for the death.

You, as the doctor, will have access to the medical records of the hospital and you alone can determine if there were really errors in the handling of the patient. This will be your greatest evidence to defend yourself. Then, if you and your attorney could find witnesses who will counter the assertions of the complainant, then you would not be convicted.

Medical malpractice is a serious offense. There are times when a doctor, out of spite of the family for the demise of their loved one, is blamed for the negligence. When such an erroneous accusation happens, then the doctor has to seek the counsel of a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

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