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Claro Addiction Treatment Clinic Cape Town

Claro Addiction Treatment Centre is a specialised addiction treatment facility at N1 City, Cape Town. It operates from the same building as Claro Clinic which is a mental health treatment facility. This facilitates the treatment of dual diagnoses.

The addiction treatment programme focuses intensively on the special needs of our patients according to their symptoms and level of functioning. This inpatient programme consists of 3 day detoxification period and a 21 day rehabilitation programme within the treatment facility. It also includes a 18 months aftercare programme to assist and support the patient on his/her road to recovery.

The programme integrates individual assessments, individual consultations, group sessions, a family programme as well as medication therapy. Individual assessments take place in order to understand the functioning of each patient, which would dictate the medication therapy and support needed. Regular psycho-therapeutic sessions take place during the entire three week admission period. Psychiatrist consultations will be arranged, should it be required for dual diagnosis. Psychosocial consultations take place to address all family and work related concerns, as well as to conduct the reintegration session prior to discharge.

Daily group therapy sessions take place where the patients learn to adopt a new life-style to maintain sobriety.

This three week programme focuses on:

Week 1: Physical aspects of addiction

Week 2: Emotional aspects of addiction

Week 3: Life skills implementation such as:

  • stress management
  • self image and personality development
  • communication and interpersonal relationships
  • relaxation
  • day programme planning and healthy lifestyle and
  • coping with negative emotions

A family programme is essential in the treatment programme, and that is why an addiction problem is often referred to as a family disease. The family of the patient plays a vital role in the support after discharge, but has often experienced a lot of unhappy and negative moments. In our family programme we aim to support the family members and educate them around the addiction. We provide guidelines on ways to handle and support the addict after discharge. Claro Addiction Treatment Centre has seen over the years that active support and understanding from the family contribute greatly to the recovery process of the patient.

Quick Facts about Claro Addiction Treatment Centre

  • Founded: 1 October 2004 – Specialist hospital treatment: Addiction treatment (including dual diagnoses treatment)
  • Number of beds: The Clinic has 24 addiction treatment beds for adults.
  • Facilities: The clinic provides free parking, a dining room, separate lounges for smokers and non-smokers, a gymnasium, entertainment facilities and bedrooms with satellite TV and air-conditioning.


Syfred Douglas Street, N1 City, Cape Town, 7463, South Africa. The clinic is situated near an abundance of hotels and restaurants for families and other visitors as well as a lovely shopping centre.

Contact details:

T: 021 595 8522
F: 021 595 8531

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Syfred Douglas Street N1 City Cape Town



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