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Rate Doctors According To Their Performance

Rate Doctors According To Their Performance When necessary or possible, it is important to rate doctors in order to help other patients and the physicians themselves. Doing so has many implications and can make others aware that there is a place where rating the physician is possible. This can be done on many internet sites […]

Doctors And Their Managers

Doctors And Their Managers Even if medical reform remains uncertain, physicians are still considered the cream of the crop as shown with the way companies gobble them up. Specialists in general, internal medicine and pediatrics are being sought after by large physician management groups. An investment banker states that the reason companies and their investors […]

Dentists sue their own governing body

Dentists sue their own governing body 25, the lawsuit on behalf of some 100 Alberta dentists says the Alberta Dental Association and College have been heavy handed in restricting dentists from advertising on websites and social media, violating both their Charter rights to freedom of … Read more on Calgary Sun How the entire industry […]

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