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Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant A certified medical assistant is basically the person who helps medical doctors with patient care. They work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. It is a decent job to be interested in these days because they are in demand and earn a reasonable income. In addition, the education and training requirements are […]

Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical Assistant Jobs A medical assistant is a crucial part of a doctor’s office; they handle most of the front end of the clinic and also assist with in-office procedures. Without a medical assistant, many offices would not be capable of running – as doctors are busy seeing patients and do not have the time […]

Medical Assistant Duties

Medical Assistant Duties Medical Assistant Duties Becoming a medical assistant is a great career to get into. There are many medical assistant duties that a medical assistant has to complete on a daily basis. The first person that a patient sees when they arrive at a doctor’s office besides a receptionist is a medical assistant. […]

The Inside Scoop on Medical Assistant Careers

The Inside Scoop on Medical Assistant Careers Medical assistants take part in administrative and medical tasks to maintain the place of work of medical professionals, podiatrists, chiropractors, and various other health practitioners running efficiently. The duties of medical assistants vary from office to office, according to the facility and size of the practice and the […]

Medical Assistant Work

Medical Assistant Work Having a medical career comes with a certain amount of job security for many people. It is an industry that is constantly growing and will always be around no matter what the state of the economy is. You do not have to become a doctor or a nurse to have a rewarding […]

Medical Assistant Schools

Medical Assistant Schools Medical assistants historically received on the job training and never had any formal training prior to being employed. Individuals that had completed a minimum level of secondary or high school education were usually selected by medical practitioners who required their services and “shown the ropes” so to speak. Most handled administrative work […]

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant A medical assistant is a health care provider who is tasked to aid medical professionals such as medical doctors and registered nurses.  The responsibilities that such an assistant would undertake often includes both administrative and clinical duties that are assigned to them by their superiors.  They can be found in private and public […]

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