Sun Simiao Medicine King

Sun Simiao Medicine King
October 26, 2008 to 28, Medicine King Sun Simiao Medical Cultural Festival and the 2008 Chinese Medicine Fair Yuzhou City in Henan Province held Yu.

Chinese medicine is a treasure of Chinese culture, history, live and breathe for the Chinese nation have made outstanding contributions. Sun Simiao Yuzhou is the home of miracle-working doctor. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese herbal cultivation and trade have a very large scale and prestigious, truly a. September 1996, Yuzhou Chinese medicinal herbs market approval by the Ministry of Health and other departments across the country one of 17 Chinese medicinal herbs market is the only country designated in Henan Province Chinese medicinal herbs market. In 2007, “Yuzhou medicine will”, “concocted Yuzhou processing skills of Chinese medicine” was included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in Henan province.

Since 2002, Yu City to focus on integration of medicine resources, highlight the Medicine King Culture, Medicine King to build the brand. At that time, investment 200 million yuan more than 2300 built to accommodate the professional business market of Chinese herbal medicines, and successfully held the first Chinese Cultural Festival and the Sun Simiao Medicine King Yuzhou Chinese Medicine Fair. Currently, this section will hold six sessions have been successful, traditional Chinese medicine trade volume growth by the more than 600 million yuan to 15 yuan, driving the development of the city in planting area of 40 mu to the present form of market and promote the cultivation, in order to promote production operations , planting, production, processing and management in one development pattern.

According to reports, this year’s Medical King Chinese Cultural Festival and the 2008 Sun Simiao Yuzhou Chinese Medicine Fair Association by the Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs Corporation, China Association for Promoting Sustainable Development of Chinese medicine and Xuchang Municipal Government, Yu City People’s Government, Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association contractors. Duration of 3 days, in addition to organizing the opening ceremony, Chinese cultural tours, cultural tours Jun porcelain, 2008, the Sustainable Development Forum of Chinese medicine, the project co-operation and Trade Fair, “national intangible cultural heritage will Yuzhou medicine” Award Ceremony “Yu medicine Millennium” Culture Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as conventional fireworks celebration party content, including cultural seminars Yuzhou and Yu, “China Dayu village culture,” Yu the Great Cultural Award Ceremony and other publicity, promotion Yu spirit, raise awareness Yuzhou, further establishing Yuzhou as “summer capital” activities.

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