Saving Money Through Healthy Living

Saving Money Through Healthy Living

Studies have shown that one area that people are cutting back on in their household budgets is in preventative and overall health care. People aren’t purchasing medicines, vitamins and are avoiding going to the doctor when they are ill due to the high price of health care. This is a very dangerous trend in the United States. A lack of good preventative practices will only lead to longer lasting and more expensive diseases in the future. When people are planning their budget they really need to do a cost analysis of the cost of preventing an illness versus the cost of treating an illness.

Vitamins are usually the first thing to be cut out of a budget. It is hard for the average person to be able to show themselves the importance and effectiveness of taking a vitamin. It is especially clear when the majority of the elements in the standard multivitamin is simply processed through the human body and sent out as waste. The removal of a multivitamin from your nutritional diet seems to be a safe call. Yet, the taking of a multivitamin is even more important when people are cutting back in other areas.

Multivitamins are fillers. They provide the nutrients that the body needs to function when they are lacking in a person’s overall diet. If a family is cutting back, then they usually will begin to purchase lower quality foods that don’t provide the nutrients that they require. This is when a good multivitamin will be more beneficial than ever before. The minerals and vitamins that were just filling in the gaps before in a diet are now the essential source for your body.

Providing your body with these essential elements will improve your overall health. It is very important when one is trying to maintain a healthy weight. Lower priced foods are usually higher concentration of fats, and filled with more sodium and other items that make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. A daily vitamin combined with a healthy workout routine will help to offset this increase. Preventing weight gain will help to save money as dieting items and practices usually increase the household budget.

A good multivitamin is about $ 30 for a month supply. That comes out to be about a dollar a day to provide the nutrients that your body requires. In contrast a single trip to the doctor to treat an illness will usually cost, if someone has health insurance, is usually $ 15-20 for a co-payment and then $ 10-30 for any prescriptions that need to be picked up to treat the illness. For someone that doesn’t have any health insurance trips and medicine can cost $ 100-500 per illness, a hefty penalty to pay if you neglect your own person health.

Some might make the case that people that take vitamins still do get sick; however, people that are healthier before an illness are able to return to health much faster compared to someone who isn’t physically healthy before an illness. The current economic situation is difficult for everyone, but neglecting ones health can be a costly and deadly decision.

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