Requirement For Rural Areas – Doctors

Requirement For Rural Areas – Doctors
She thinks that no one has a job like hers. She just moved to Alaska and before that he was working at South Pole.

She can decide her own work limits. She doesn’t have to have anyone working for her and either than food and gas she is paid for everything.

Her only job is to practice medicine. Schedules are not hard to make she believes at 48. The business is a $ 2 billion industry today thanks to the constant demand of doctors in remote areas and because the business was started 25 years ago.

1998 saw her join her first staffing agency. An engineer, she decided at 32 to pursue a medical degree at the University of Utah. Her residency was completed in Denver and then she decided to work for Colorado Outward Bound School for almost a decade.

There are various times when she just takes a break and goes to be with her husband and his daughter live in Spokane, Washington. She also gets a steady income from the Salt Lake City home which she has given out on rent.

She has spent parts of the week’s pulling 24 hour shifts at one hospital in Ketchikan, Alaska, and overnight shifts at another hospital in Anchorage. She is not able to leave this job because she feels that the fixed timings and a regular job are not her needs. She says life is so short, you have to enjoy it.

The owner of locum tenens which is ‘the physician for hire business’, a male doctor thinks that doctors hardly bother with office politics. Salt Lake City is where he sits and now has four companies.

He is a successful entrepreneur along with being a doctor. $ 2000 a day is the highest a neurosurgeon can earn while a normal doctor can earn about $ 50 an hour for emergency services.

In hand there are always about 200 contracts. Because the number of medical schools are producing lesser graduates and the population just seems to be growing the number of doctors who are needed like this is just going to keep growing.

Regional disparities are the first reason for shortage because that causes migration. He was offered to go to the rural areas and Indian reservations across the West where there hardly any doctors when he was only a student.

1979 onwards he started his own company but he late sold it. The medical staffing industry now knows it to be one of the biggest companies.

There are a lot other doctors in his family including his father, grandfather, two uncles and three brothers. There’s another brother who is a medical architect. The kidney dialysis machine was invented by his father who also was the head of the Division of Artificial Organs at the University of Utah until 1999.

His father believes that today’s doctors are not really keen on working for long hours or fighting with insurers which makes sense. There is more scope for business in this industry because when the economy and stock market come back the physicians who are older will give in their resignation making the need for doctors more.

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