Proper Diet and Exercises Paves Way For Healthy Living

Proper Diet and Exercises Paves Way For Healthy Living

Due to stress and strain, many of us indulge in emotional eating, which is nothing but raving for food to satisfy your emotional feelings that make you forget depression.

You are always wondering how to overcome food cravings with so many temptations thrown around. On seeing your skinny friends, who are health freaks and look conscious, you begin to feel low and your hands reach out foods that should be avoided at all costs. There are family members, who always part with advice as to what to eat and not to eat but following these advices seems to appear as a Herculean task. On opening the newspaper, you get to see advertisements that show women very healthy and in case you do not belong to that category it may cause a feeling of guilt. You may not be able to eat peacefully outside your home as people give covert looks at your hips and the skinny ones near you may display an air of superiority around them. All these make you emotionally down and you will tend to eat rich foods that should be avoided.

You give in to the stomach cravings as you feel you can diet at a later time and if you have to start to diet at breakfast you shall feel miserable and lethargic thinking of the long day ahead and the denial of food you have to face the day ahead. Try to hold the emotions at bay. Analyze what harm the food is causing you. Whether you are fighting your emotions or fighting the temptations of food it is easy to give into food cravings but staying away from it might prove tough. You may achieve you goal finally if you put your heart, mind, and soul into it.

Accept your emotions and deal with it mentally rather than eating fatty food. Address the feelings you are going through and examine it and whether it needs that kind of attention. Just forget the negative emotions that are ruling you and causing havoc in your body and channelize your energy into some hobby that will keep you occupied positively to achieve healthy eating habits. Practice yoga and exercises that releases happy and energetic hormones. Believe in yourself that you are the best and can laugh away any adversity with a smile and giggle. Accept yourself as you are inside and outside and lead a contented but fit life and not allowing negative emotions to rule you.

Sandra J. Smith a famous health and nutrition expert. She shares her secret of losing weight and gaining fitness on food and nutrition.