Problems of Fax Machine for Doctors

Problems of Fax Machine for Doctors

Internet fax is an online service that allows you to send and receive faxes from any fax machine or computer and have them delivered directly to your email address. This unique facility also lets you receive voicemail as email attachments and your service provider gives you space on their server to save your faxes online, thereby extending an opportunity to save the clutter on the desk.

Digitally transmitted documents are often not clear and ambiguity in medical reports can easily cause wrong conclusions. Traditional fax machine prints everything on the paper, there are chances of report getting picked by someone else or put into misuse if received by non-intended receiver. With Internet fax, this problem is not only resolved but the confidentiality of patient’s reports is maintained.

A typical fax machine is nothing more than a scanner, printer and an outdated analogue modem working together to waste paper, time, money and electricity. It works by converting all the paper documents in the digital format and then reconverts digital message into paper format. The fax machine uses an analogue modem to convert the digital image into sounds and transmit over phone lines. The modem plays the noise over the phone lines and on the other side is another fax machine with the similar kind of modem which listens to the voice, converts them again into a digital document and prints it out on the paper.

Every faxed document goes through this epic journey and in the process of it becomes digital four times, paper format twice and sound once. One of the main reasons that keep doctors away from using internet fax is the common delusion that paper “hard copy” is probably more legitimate. In reality however internet fax is a much better way of conducting the long distance medical practice.

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