Who are we?


Over the past 20 years Noupoort Christian Care Center has proven itself as the most successful rehabilitation center in South Africa, we currently have a success rate of 76% for those completing the one year program and a 95% success rate for those completing the two year program. We’re situated in the Northern Cape between the towns of Colesburg and Middleburg.

Guaranteed recovery

Due to our exceptional success rate, we GUARANTEE the recovery of anyone who successfully completes our prescribed two year program.

We are so confident about our program that we will accept any person who subsequently relapses, back on to the program at no charge. This translates into a “Life Time Guarantee!”

We hope that other rehabilitation centres will take the challenge and be bold enough to guarantee their product.

Why long term treatment?

To understand substance abuse one needs to understand why a person gets addicted, then once you understand this can you determine how to get a person out of addiction.

Treating a person with a chemical substance abuse problem does not only involve keeping them substance free. It involves the gaining of insight into the severity of their problem and changing negative attitudes and behaviours. For many, these negative attitudes and behaviours have become a part of their lives for many years and change is a process that takes time.

Time is of the essence and the short term programs have almost no lasting impact on recovery. This is not difficult to understand when one accepts that the negative process of addiction has taken place over an extended period of time.

It cannot be expected that a new identity, – the transition from addiction to normality, can be achieved in a matter of weeks oreven months. One of the keys for the success of the NCCC program is the time factor, and the result of that is, that, “We can put our money were your Recovery is.”

Is addiction a disease?

We believe that the time has come for Drug Rehabilitation Centers around the world to accept responsibility for their treatment of addiction, rather than hide behind the fallacy of ‘addiction is a disease’. This deception removes any burden of responsibility from the addict and ensures continuous business for the rehabs in a never ending cycle.

It is common knowledge that no transmitted disease known to man is contracted by choice. Sickness is not a choice. In contrast, addiction is a direct result of one’s sovereign (and wrong) choices.

This choice to take drugs is made for various reasons; – curiosity, peer pressure, entertainment, boredom and even pain can play a  part. Very often only the first ‘high’ is pleasurable, which explains the subsequent repeated use in a futile attempt to emulate the original experience. This pseudo pleasure is soon lost and replaced with paranoia, anger, depression and anxiety which affects the personality, mindset and emotions.

This results in lying, cheating, stealing, manipulation and immoral behavior.

This negative transformation which takes place in the addict  becomes obvious to all those that know him. With this confusion, families are often helpless to deal with the crises and in desperation reach out for help to the so called professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychologists.

Their diagnosis is invariably one of no hope because of this perceived medical condition. Initially ADHD, and in more recent times, Bipolar Disorder Syndrome are commonly diagnosed.

Almost without exception this results in life long medication.

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