Music Therapy: A Free Medicine

Music Therapy: A Free Medicine
From many years people consider music as only for the enjoyment or mainly for the parties but now it is using as a therapy name music therapy. Many doctors recommend music to the people who have some mental disturbance or to those who get frustrated very soon. Many doctors done a research on music and find music really help in keep the mind relaxed. Music perhaps is the best relaxing and soothing medium in any mental or intellectual impairment. People usually find refuge in the lap of music where they get a divine feeling and all their worries and tensions disappear. Music has emerged as one of the most popular methods of treatments and relaxation modes.

Some people dont believe on this. They asked question how music can help to reduce frustration or how can it work as a therapy? To give the answer to these kinds of people I would like to tell that it happens because music contains such notes and vibrations which relax the brain muscles and tissues. This increases the flow of blood in the brain and ultimately to the entire body and so the person feels light heart and relieved of the day’s hard work. It is such a wonderful therapy and it not takes any monetary term. I consider music therapy as a free medicine. You dont have to pay for this all you need to do is just select type of music you like and listen to that music.

In many countries people are doing their worship with some kind of music. In countries like India, music is considered as the gift of God and a medium to get in touch with their God. It affects the emotional, mental, social and spiritual well being of a person and helps a lot in improving his cognitive thinking and mental abilities. Music therapy finds better applications in curing behavioral and emotional disorders where the person is stressed all the time and does not want to spend time in isolation. Music therapy gives him some time to think in alone and about his own self. It affects the emotional, mental, social and spiritual well being of a person and helps a lot in improving his mental abilities.

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