Medicine for Calmness

Medicine for Calmness

The feelings mentioned by these runners are based on the science. Anxieties are reduced by jogging. What is more, if they remember happiness when they do sports, this effect will be better. This was found by one mental doctor in an asylum. A doctor of one research laboratory has found this. Many reasons contribute to the depression of people in the society. But doing exercises can alleviate the depressed mood, because jogging lead to improvement of sense of self-respect and independent spirit. At a time I encounter a college mental doctor. He arranged a group of patients who got the odd diseases to take treatment. They ran ten circles and accepted the traditional mental treatment separately, and at last running works better.

In addition, other researchers also affirmed running actually brought happy senses. A report has been put forward by a doctor in an institution of education. This report aims to evaluate the changes on students’ psychology. They could run one fourth mile. But it was added to some miles. The people who took part in this report have published the result. Students cut down their anxieties and increased their sexual appetite and confidence. At the same time, they became confident in their bodies. He mentioned some side effects of this plan. Students jog on the athletic track. The spectacular and sportsman who doing sports in the gym have an influence on them. Because of wisecrack said by male audience, girl runners began to feel shy. Because of several miles increased, the respect has been given to their competence and persistence at the end of the running. According to some soccer players, they exercised balls more energetically after the inspiration from those joggers.

The phenomenon of decrease of anxieties has agreed with the doctor and his workmate of one university. They made recruitment in the group of retired people. The age of these volunteers vary from 52 to 70. They almost have the following symptoms. For example, nervousness, insomnia, bad temper and annoyance and panic in the various daily occasion. Volunteers have been tested by observers based on the three occasions. Some took the tranquilizer that is widely used in one occasion, some took the same placebo in appearance in one occasion, and some took exercises fifteen minutes. The result is doing sports lessening the nervous emotions. It is better than taking tranquilizer. One doctor of a rest center said these words. Most people who have heart disease took part in his running plan and their mood and spirit has improved greatly. It is universally known that the best sedative is doing sports. A doctor said these words. Before they feel exhausted, I refused to treat them by drugs.

So, we can see that, running is good to everyone no matter they are young or old. From dealing with depression, I think jogging is the best medicine. The self-respect and independence can be improved through running. Doing sports also brings calmness to joggers. Sportsmen tend to show their will power if they get the inspiration from the spectaculars. Seniors are easy to become anxious, so it is good for them to take exercises. And it can instead of using drugs to them. Since running brought so many benefits, why not move our body for health.

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