Medical Weight Scales

Medical Weight Scales
In our homes today, most people have digital scales. These devices pop up with the number of your weight just a few seconds after standing on them. However, doctor’s offices and some other people choose to use medical weight scales. These scales may weigh the user in kilograms, pounds, or both. The idea of reading medical scales can seem foreign to those who are not familiar with the tool, but it can be taught easily to anyone willing to learn.

Medical scales work with two sliding weight indicators. Both the sliders work in unison to tell the person’s weight. One scale is number in a large range, usually from 0 to 500, and is ticked off at increments of 50. This helps you jump as close to a person’s weight as possible. The second slider is designed with 100 marks. It looks similar to a ruler. This slider is used to find the exact weight of the person standing on the medical weight scales.

To use the medical scales, slide both of the weights on the sliders to the zero position. Stand on the base of the weights. Pay attention to the end of the slider, which should be completely centered once the user’s accurate weight has been found. Move the first slider (the one that has increments of 50) to the last possible position before the weight indicator on the end rests on the bottom of the slider. Then, move the second slider to the right until the indicator is balanced in the center.

Reading the medical weight scales is very easy. Look at the first slider. For example, it may be resting at the 150 mark. Also, look at the top slider. Let’s say it is sitting at 14. To calculate the person’s weight, you will add the numbers together. In this instance, the persons standing on the scale weighs 164 pounds. When the person steps off the scale, be sure you return the sliders to zero so that they will be ready for the next person’s use.

Most people prefer to go without weighing themselves if they can avoid it. However, it is important that you keep a check on your weight so that you can stay healthy and avoid serious medical conditions. This is why you are weighed at almost every doctor visit. Medical scales tend to be more accurate than digital and other types of scales.

The key is being able to read them correctly so that you will know exactly what you weigh. Reading the scales is not a difficult feat. It may take some practice, however, to learn how to move the sliders and balance the indicator for the most accurate results. Those going into the medical field will be exposed to medical scales in their educational setting so that they will be able to properly weigh patients as they come into the doctor’s office.

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