Medical Assistant Duties

Medical Assistant Duties

Medical Assistant Duties
Becoming a medical assistant is a great career to get into. There are many medical assistant duties that a medical assistant has to complete on a daily basis. The first person that a patient sees when they arrive at a doctor’s office besides a receptionist is a medical assistant. The medical assistant will ask the patient for their prior medical history. They will write down this information in the patient’s medical chart. The medical assistant also takes the patient’s temperature and blood pressure. These are very important duties to complete because the doctor needs to know this information in order to make an informed and correct medical diagnosis.

Medical assistants have many duties that they do in the front office. They do the following tasks in the office: contact insurance companies, greet patients, order supplies, file and take out patients charts, make appointments, answer phones, answer inquiries, fax prescriptions, call pharmacies about prescriptions, and schedule tests and surgeries. Medical assistants do a lot of secretarial work. This is important work because it keeps the front offices of medical practices working efficiently and effectively.

Medical assistants do many duties in the back office. The back office is where the medical assistants handle and see patients. They do the following tasks in the back office: show patients to the examining rooms, weigh patients, take medical histories, listen to questions that patients might have, document patient concerns, assist the doctor with medical exams and procedures, give patients their vaccinations, draw patients’ blood, and give the doctor’s instructions to the patients.

The health care industry is a great field to get into. Medical assistants are vital resources that help to make a medical practice a productive one. Many people think that doctors are the heart and soul of a medical practice but that is not the case. If the front office does not work smoothly then patient files, insurance claims, and prescriptions will not be organized or up to date. Can you imagine if doctors had to do their jobs without the help of medical assistants? It would take hours just for a doctor to see one patient because they would have to do paperwork, see patients, do office duties, and run the medical practice. It would be impossible for any doctor to run their medical practice without the help and aid of medical assistants.

People need good health care in order to stay healthy. There needs to be qualified health care workers in order to ensure that people are getting the proper care and medications that they require.
In today’s hard economic times it can be hard to find good health care. You need to have doctors and medical assistants that have a passion for the work that they are doing.

Medical assistant duties can be monotonous and exhausting, but they also can be challenging and exciting, and best of all, these duties help people get the health care that they need and save lives.

If you have a passion for science and you want to help people get better health care and save lives, then you should consider becoming a medical assistant and get your Medical Assistants Degree

It is a very regarding and fulfilling career to have.

Learn how to get a job as a medical assistant with a Medical Assistants Degree

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