Locum Doctor

Locum Doctor
I keep looking back and wonder what it was that led me to be a locum doctor. When I was at medical college studying to be a doctor, I was always a bit jealous of my friends who seemed to know exactly which field of medicine they wanted to go into. So I decided that when I felt that I was ready I would go out and try a few different experiences as a locum doctor. Some of my friends tried to dissuade as they were keen to start on the promotional ladder as soon as possible, but I really felt that that wide range of experiences I would receive as a locum doctor would stand me in good stead when and if I did decide to settle down in one place.

I was nervous at first of being a locum doctor as I am naturally quite a reserved person and starting in unfamiliar environments on a fairly regular basis was a bit of a challenge for me. After a short time however I relished each new challenge and was so glad that I had chosen to be a locum doctor. I got to work in regular hospitals, general practices, prisons, police stations, military bases and substance misuse centres amongst others. Being a locum doctor really has broadened my horizons, given me great experiences Ill never forget and it really has changed me from being quite a reserved person to being quite open.

Of course I suppose the first question is to anyone who wants to be a locum doctor is how do I find the work? Well there are plenty of companies to go to if you want to be a locum doctor who will find you work, but getting the right placements, good money and plenty of work is obviously the key. I belong to a company called www.medteam.co.uk and they really are very good. Im not the only locum doctor who thinks so, just ask anyone on their books and theyll tell you the same thing, not to mention their huge list of clients who keep us all very busy thankfully.

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