Living Healthy As Ordinary City Girl

Living Healthy As Ordinary City Girl

The last few months of 2009 saw me cause some serious damage to my health – but not necessarily my well being – by going out a plenty! There is certainly a work hard, play hard culture in London and I did my fair share of both! 2010 I decided would be my year of clean living and repairing the ever growing hole in my purse.

The Detox I devised for myself would need to be easy, inexpensive, devoid of any pain whatsoever and show visible results. When my boyfriend decided he needed to lose a few pounds some months ago, his attitude to “dieting” astounded me. No deliberating over the pork pie, no whining over the chocolate cake and no talking about it. As a woman, this was a revelation to me, he simply said, “Nope, can’t have that.” and walked away from the offending high calorific treat. So I decided to adopt the same approach and just put my head down and get on with it. I broke it down simply to 3 steps.

First port of call was alcohol. Now this had a serious impact on my social life but the first couple of months of the New Year are fairly easy (aside from birthdays) as pretty much everyone’s detoxing. I found myself declining invites and embracing going home after work. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds and the difference to my bank balance was palpable in the extreme, that this alone made it easier!!

Next was exercise. I used to be so sporty at school but I just don’t know what’s happened since. I recognise that exercise is the easiest way to lose weight, but it’s about finding the time and motivation. A colleague at work told me about KettleWorx, a 25 minute workout using a dumbbell, 3 times a week. So I paid the £80 and was the proud recipient of a 10lb dumbbell accompanied with several DVD’s to get me started on a 6 week programme. I found the workout challenging but easy to schedule in after work in the evenings.

Thirdly was a new way of fuelling my body. I radically changed my eating habits. I cut out processed foods, like pasta, bread, cakes, crisps and sweets, opting instead for quinoa, lentils, beans, pulses, fruit and vegetables. Now it takes planning and preparation, making breakfast and lunches for work the night before, but again, this suited me well budgetary wise. I also became aware for the first time, of all the times I consumed cakes and treats at work. There were so many birthdays, and cakes to go with them, that by saying no every time, I became very aware of all the times I would consume mindless calories. For me to remain true to my programme I consistently said no to these treats and it was unbelievably easy once I was in that mindset.

7 weeks later the results are visible. I have dropped a dress size, I feel more energetic, I’m more aware of junk food than ever and the need to say no to the frequent treats around the office. My shelves are full of “miracle” fat burning creams but honestly, the only way to truly look after yourself and get rid of the unwanted weight, is to be more aware of what you do and what you consume. It really is that simple. I wish I’d thought about it sooner!

Josephina has lived an worked in London for many years and loves the city atmosphere. Look out for more insights from Joesphina in the coming weeks! See recommendations at:

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