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Unhealthy lifestyles to blame for increase in strokes in UAE, doctors say
DUBAI // Unhealthy lifestyles among young people is contributing to the increasing number of stroke victims below the age of 45, doctors said on Monday. A sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, hypertension, diabetes and high …
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'I was still in there': A 32-year-old learns what it's like to be trapped
Not asleep but not yet awake, Brisa Alfaro could hear her doctors' prognosis: She might never walk or talk again, and she may never eat or breathe on her own. Maybe — just maybe — she would show involuntary movement, she heard them say. She couldn't …
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Doctors must adhere to rule
KMC has sent a notification to hospitals to make sure that their doctors adhere to the rule. According to Dr H Veerabhadrappa, president, KMC, digitisation of documents is the need of the hour. "There is no provision in the law for permanent …
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