Homeland Security and Healthcare

Homeland Security and Healthcare

What do these two have in common? Plenty. They will both be total government failures and waste billions of dollars. If we look at why Homeland Security is a total failure and what it has in common with Health care we will see why. First, there is the hiring of managers. These managers will not have the technical skill to manage a system of this size. But all managers know how to BS and lay blame elsewhere so as to keep their jobs. The turf battles will go on for years as every manager tries to grab the most turf.

Now the lobbyists come to town to win contracts to build the health care system. The biggest government contractors will win since they have the most money to bribe, I mean hire lobbyists to bribe, I mean convince the government to award the company they represent the contract. I’ve watched government waste money on NMCI, the new IRS tax system, the new FBI system, and have yet to see one successful system built.

Once a contractor wins the bidding to build the health care system they will take all the money and give government employees a $ 350 dollar computer that is worth maybe $ 75 to someone on eBay. So why not complain if you are a government employee and they deliver you this computer that can’t run any applications except email? Well they will take your computer and you won’t get another one. You will soon realize you now have no email to correspond to the other government employees. Sure you can’t do any work on this computer, but all you need to do is throw some email around and get your name out and act like you are somebody. So what happens when they run out of $ 75 computers and won’t answer the help hotline? Well the other government employees will turn on them claiming they are not productive and throw these “special” keywords around to make them look bad. These poor people that don’t get a computer get tagged as not needed and get laid off within the year. Think I am being harsh? Maybe stretching the truth a bit?

Go work for Homeland Security and see for yourself. The biggest waste of money I have ever seen in my life. We take the dumbest person on Earth and make him president. He has no tech skills whatsoever. And then issues an order of this magnitude to create Homeland Security. To this day I have not seen one positive thing come out of Homeland Security. When I was thinking about the possible collapse of the United States and could not make up my mind, I woke up to morning radio talking about this new Homeland Security and knew America was doomed. To waste that much money on nothing is inexcusable. It was reported Homeland Security spent 100 Billion dollars in one year! That is sickening. The amount of bridges that could be fixed and the amount of hospitals we could build. We could have reformed health care into a fully digital system. President Bush does not possess the brain power to understand the benefits of such a digital system. On the other hand it is easy for big lobbyists to convince him Homeland Security is needed so they can make billions in profits.

So now we want to create a new department to handle health care for everyone. The reason it will fail is the same reason Homeland Security is a failure; total greed and incompetence at every level of government and the private sector. President Obama should do the most important thing first, and only that until it is done. That thing is to digitize all the paperwork in the health care industry starting with Medicaid and Medicare. Then bring in the private health care companies so as to analyze every document and spot fraud and corruption. Once we go digital dishonest doctors will be caught very easily. They will find it very hard bilk the government for unneeded treatments and double billing. President Obama is technical and I hope he doesn’t try to do too much to fast or it will fail and ruin his presidency.

I don’t need future vision to know trying to build a health care system and cover all citizens will fail miserably. Call your senator and tell them what you want out of health care before it is to late. Let them know they should pass laws and let the private sector do what they do best, create the businesses.  We need a digital health care system with standard forms everyone must use for efficiency and compatibility.

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