Healthy Living With Hardwood Floors

Healthy Living With Hardwood Floors
Improving your health, and the environment, could be as easy as installing hardwood floors in your Frisco home instead of replacing that dirty old carpet with new. Helping the environment by using dead trees for floor may sounds like a contradiction; and improving your health simply by switching to wood may sound far fetched, but read on and learn more about how you can help yourself and the planet.

Environmental Benefits

So, how can using dead trees to replace the flooring in your house help the environment? Is not deforestation a major problem? Thanks to initiatives that were put in place when deforestation was a problem, harvested trees are actually replaced at a rate of 2 new trees planted for every 1 tree cut down. This means that there is twice as much forest as before the initiatives started, and they will continue to grow until we have reached a sustainable population. Wood is a renewable resource, in that it grows naturally from the earth whether it is used or not, and will always be around as long as humans do not completely ignore the population of trees. A popular choice for hardwood flooring lately, bamboo, actually grows faster than most other woods and is able to be re-harvested after only 5 years. Think about that and the virulent spread of bamboo, and you have got an easily renewable option for hardwood flooring.

When compared with the synthetic fibers used to make carpet, which will hang around without deteriorating in a landfill for up to 200 years or more, the environmentally sound choice is clearly wood. Wood is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Health Benefits

You keep your carpet as clean as possible, right? You vacuum every few days, shampoo it and maybe even steam clean your carpet. You take care of stains as quickly as possible and you do your best to insure there is nothing building up on your carpet. Unfortunately, you can never really do enough to make carpet truly clean. If you peel up a corner of the carpet anywhere in your home, underneath the carpet and whatever padding may be below it, you will find a nice thick layer of dirt, pet hair and other random refuse. All of this filters down through the carpet and nothing can get it out until you pull up the carpet. Carpets are also excellent breeding grounds for dust mites and other parasites, as well as molds and other fungi that can lead to allergic reactions or serious diseases.

Wood has none of those problems. The hard surface allows nothing to penetrate it and is as easy to clean up as sweeping and mopping. Molds, fungi and parasites will be hard pressed to build a home in wood unless you allow a section to rot away due to moisture. With proper care, this would not happen.


Installing one of the many hard wood floors Frisco has to offer is the obvious environmentally sound and healthy choice to make when it comes to remodeling. Do yourself and the planet a favor, invest in wood floors and add beauty, value and a new inviting atmosphere to your home today.

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