Healthy Living Can Improve Your Memory

Healthy Living Can Improve Your Memory

When you get older you may begin to feel like your memory is losing some of its ability to store as much information as it used to. Although this is normal, there are steps, techniques, and exercises you can take to reduce this effect and may actually improve your memory. Memory is defined by psychologists as the mental ability to retain, store, and recall information.

How Your Memory Works

There are three actions that happen when you form a memory. First, the information is registered once it is received by the brain. Second, your brain will try to record a permanent record of the information and store as much of that record as it can. Finally, when the need arises, your brain will recall as much of the information as it can that will help you in the current situation that you may find your self in.

Better Memory

There is no need to wait until you start to see your memory deteriorate to begin improving it. You can compare your brain and memory functions to a computer and how that computer functions. Your computer will eventually crash and you will loose everything if you don’t take care of it. Rest, you must let your computer cool off and rest if you have used it for a long time period. You should also perform regular checkups to prevent an or remove any viruses that may have taken hold. This are the same steps you must take with your brain to prevent crashes and losses overtime.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, you will allow your brain to function at it’s full potential for a lifetime. Not only should you get the regular checkups and take care of your body and brain when you are sick with lots of rest, you should eat healthy and avoid certain substances. Substances like drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol that can actually create holes in the brain that are visible with an x-ray. These holes are permanent memories lost forever.

Your brain also requires oxygen to function properly. With regular exercise, you will increase the oxygen levels in the body and improve your memory. With regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and avoiding foods and substances that are bad for you, you will better your memory in the long run.

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