The Foundation  Clinic | Detox Programme
Since you have expressed interest in attending a Detox Programme, here are the details:

      • During the detox you are considered a patient under the medical care of one of our residential doctors and under the therapeutic care of the team headed up by psychologist, Dr Michael Niss.
      • The programme runs for 5 – 7 days (or part thereof) and normally operates from a Monday to Friday.
      • The programme can be undertaken on a weekend, but then normal weekend routines apply which may differ from the weekday procedures and activities.

Day 1: History, Medical and Physical
Your medical history and physical assessment will be undertaken by the medical staff.

Day 2: Rest and Monitoring
You are allowed time to rest while being monitored by the medical staff.

Communication is conducted with your family by the Admissions’ Manager.

All administration is taken care of by the administration team, such as medical aid approval and payment and other financial arrangements.

You are evaluated during this time and medical, physical, treatment and recovery recommendations are made by the nursing staff and Admissions’ Manager.

Day 3 – 5: In-House Treatment
You are required to part in in-house treatment activities including (but not limited to) AA & NA Meetings, creative therapy, eco awareness and meditation.

You are required to attend one session with a counselor/coach to discuss your recovery and treatment plan following your detox programme.

On the final day your discharge procedures will be conducted by the Admissions’ Manager.

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