Factors that Affect Medical Recruitment

Factors that Affect Medical Recruitment

Every sector of employment in a country has its own share of challenges to overcome and this holds true for medical recruitment as well. This holds true for Australia as well and therefore it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the global labour markets as well which has an obvious impact on the local market.


Factors such as changes in consumer expectations, the population trend inclined towards ageing and the innovations in the field of medicine must all be taken into account as the global health sector displays an exponential growth. Medical recruitment in Australia is therefore naturally affected by all these factors.


Australia has been categorised as a high expenditure health economy which translated into the fact that it arranges for funds for almost 90% of its growth as far as health expenditure is concerned. Medical shortages are still rampant and this is evident from the increasing dependence on overseas doctors. The workforce distribution issues continue to be present across different parts of Australia as there is a dearth of trained doctors in the remote areas. There are certain issues that act as barriers to the recruitment procedure and the retention of the existing workforce. These include:


Limited access to peer support groups
Inadequate accommodation facilities
Lack of established locum agencies
Limitation on the extent to which a candidate can be compensated as per his/her qualifications


If you are a medical graduate, you must be registered with the concerned medical authorities before you can begin your practice. This is applicable for overseas doctors. The registration process is also a kind of assessment that examines the fact whether the experience, training and skills of the medical practitioner are at par with the standards of the Australian medical system. The assessment is crucial for the specialist registration.


When it comes to medical recruitment in Australia, there is an increasing demand for specialists in different areas and it intensifies as we shift to semi metropolitan areas. The vacancies are filled up with the help of locum job placements where the services of permanent doctors are substituted with temporary replacements. Working with a locum agency offers the incumbent with adequate scope to maintain flexible working hours and also earn a substantial package. As a medical practitioner, you can choose to work either for a long term locum position or a short term locum position.


Non specialist doctors who have more than a couple of years experience and have moved up to the registrar level are in great demand across different parts of the country. You can apply for a locum job, even if you are currently attached to a medical organisation. This implies that you can maintain your permanent position and at the same time put in your spare hours to work for a locum agency, during holidays and weekends.


Medical jobs in Australia are up for grabs and if you possess the necessary qualifications, skills and experience, you can apply for the same through the locum agencies.





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