Dentists – Becoming One Of Them

Dentists – Becoming One Of Them
Dentists are well-paid, highly trained individuals. It is a very lucrative career that seems to attract many college students because of the good pay and benefits. However, many people consider becoming a dental expert, but do not realize the steps, training and skill required. There are many different levels people have to go through in order to finally make it as a dental professional. As you will see, the path to a career in dentistry can be a daunting one. However, it can be well-worth it if you persevere.

College Grade Point Average:

The classes you take in college are significantly important to your road as a dentist. It is difficult to become a dentist, but the path really starts here in college. There are core classes that you will need to take that prep you for the information that dentists will use on an everyday basis. These classes include difficult math classes such as calculus, organic chemistry, general chemistry and a variety of different biological sciences classes such as cell and molecular biology and anatomy and physiology. It is important to maintain an above average grade point average in college if you plan to go to dental school as it is a very important factor for admission.

Dental Aptitude Test:

The Dental Aptitude Test, more commonly known as the DAT, is one of, if not the most important factors on your road to becoming a dentist. Many of the skills and knowledge required on the DAT are skills and knowledge that dentists and dental students will need on a daily basis. One of the most important, yet most challenging sections of the DAT is the perceptual ability test or PAT. The PAT is a skill that requires one to look at a pattern and notice the different permutations and angles that it may have. As a dentist, you will have to do this when you are looking at different teeth in the mouth.

Work Experience:

Work experience is very important for anyone who is looking to become a dentist. Not only does it look good on your resume for dental school, but it helps you confirm your career path. Working with dentists, a potential dental student can get a look into the everyday workings and life of a teeth expert and see whether it is something that he or she is really passionate about.


An interview is another important step on the road to becoming a dentist. Often times in the interview, the student will be interviewed by dentists, deans of dental schools, and sometimes even current dental students. The purpose of the interview is to make sure that the student is a good fit for the particular dental school and that he or she has the skills needed to become a dentist. You can really think of the interview as a way to bring your resume to life and really sell yourself to the school.

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