Caution Should Be Used in Finding Doctors For ADHD Treatment

Caution Should Be Used in Finding Doctors For ADHD Treatment

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “Are there doctors for ADHD treatment?” Yes doctors for treating ADHD are very specialized. Here are some tips for locating these doctors.

First start with your child’s pediatrician or the family doctor, he can give you a referral to a specialist. I personally would not rely on a pediatrician or family doctor for ADHD testing unless they are also specialized in this field. Many have been found to not perform the correct testing and then prescribed amphetamine type drugs to control the behavior when maybe something else would work. Child welfare agencies on the state and local levels also often have information. There are even ADD or ADHD associations that can help you locate doctors for treating ADHD along with support group information.

There is such a dilemma with inadequate testing for ADHD that it is in the best interest of everyone to let a professional that has special training in ADHD find the reason for the behavior.

Doctors for ADHD treatment and diagnosis include child psychiatrists, psychologists, developmental or behavioral pediatricians, or behavioral neurologists or clinical social workers.

*A psychiatrist for children can diagnose and treat mental and behavior disorders. They also offer therapy and can prescribe medications.

*Psychologists can diagnose and treat ADHD with therapy but do not prescribe medications.

* Neurologists diagnose brain and nervous system disorders, but they do not provide therapy. They can also write prescriptions if needed.

The appropriate doctor for treating ADHD will rule out other causes of the behavior such as a traumatic experience; death of a parent, divorce, job loss, moving, etc. Seizures like petit mal which is undetectable, middle ear infections that can result in hearing problems, other medical issues which impair brain development or functioning, learning disabilities, or even depression.

As you can see there are doctors for ADHD treatment and quite a few specialized areas in which to choose. But, because so many children are being diagnosed that may not have the condition or only have a mild case, you may want to try other alternatives to traditional medicine or in addition to it. Many have had outstanding results with diet, supplements and natural formulas that their ADHD has been controlled or corrected with very effective results.

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