Best Careers In Medicine

Best Careers In Medicine
Want to learn about the best careers in medicine? Want to know what are the best options that are available for you to pursue in this particular field? This article gives you all the details regarding the careers in medicines that you can avail. Read on for more information
What with the spread of so many diseases and also the need for more medical attention in various fields, several people are now interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Being in the medical field does not just mean being a doctor or a nurse or a dentist. There are several options for those who wish to tread this path. If you are one of them, then you have the option to choose from veterinary to sports medicine to even nuclear medicine the list of careers in medicine is huge. If you are looking for such a list of medical jobs, then just read on. This article is all about the best careers in medical field that you can pursue.

Best Careers in Medicine

There are so many options in the field of medicines today. If you love animals, then you have the option of picking up a career in maybe veterinary medicine, or if you are interested in sports and at the same time in medicine, then you can pursue a career in sports medicine. Given below is a list of careers in medicine which will give you all the information including the salary that you will get.

Careers in Sports Medicine
More people are turning their focus on the need to treat and prevent sports related injuries an help in the improvement of the physical as well as the mental health of the sports person. For a sports medicine career, you need to have a college degree in medicines, nursing, sports psychology, exercise science and physical therapy.

The best careers in this field are the sports medicine physicians, where the person has to deal with sports related injuries and various sports related illnesses. They have to diagnose and treat the injured sports person and have to prescribe medicines to them and sometimes they even have to perform surgery on them. They must have a license to practice medicine though, from a registered medical school.

Another career in this same field that you can pursue is that of an athletic trainer. The main responsibilities are to work with the athletic teams and carry out training programs to prevent any kind of injuries to the athletes and also carries out rehabilitation programs for the injured sports person to recover fast. They work with the sports medicine physicians. They can also set up the diet that the sports person in supposed to follow when they are being treated. The average salary varies from around USD25,000 to USD36,000.

One can also pursue a career as a physical therapists who helps injured sports persons to restore their proper functions of the body and also to prevent any kind of permanent disabilities and also to get rid of any kind of physical pain. The average salary of the physical therapists ranges from around USD25,000 to USD46,000.

Here are some more careers in sports medicine that you can try out.
Exercise Physiologists
Rehabilitation specialists
Personal Trainer
Sports nutritionists
Careers in Veterinary Medicine
You probably must be knowing this that veterinarians are the ones who looks after the animals when they are sick. They deal with various groups of animals and birds and even livestock. The main responsibilities of these vets are to treat the animals and birds, help them when they are pregnant, educate the owners as to how to look after them, carry out a proper check up of the animals etc. As a vet, one can also teach in schools and colleges regarding how to take care of animals. You can also carry out a research regarding the various foods, the diseases and also the drugs that are related to animals. For this, you need a degree in veterinary medicine from a recognized university and must have the license to practice. You can expect a salary from around USD30,000 to USD62,000.

Another career in this same field is that of a veterinary technician or assistants whose main responsibility is to provide assistance to the veterinarians. They have to help the vets in securing the animals, providing them with medicines, shave them etc. The salary range of veterinary medicines, varies from USD15,000 to USD25,000.

Careers in Alternative Medicine
In the list of careers in medicine, this field of alternative medicines, deals with medical treatments that focuses more on the healing power of herbs and other medicinal plants. The various fields that one can try out is aromatherapy or maybe homeopathy. They work to treat various health problems by treating the whole person rather than just the affected area. They treat wide range of problems ranging from back pain, headaches to cancer with the help of Ayurveda, hypnosis, reiki, etc. Many people knows and realizes what are the various benefits of alternative medicines and thus more and more people are taking up this career. The various careers in this field are
Reiki Trainer
Yoga Teacher
Nurse-mid wife
Holistic Medicine
Careers in Nuclear Medicine
One of the best career in medicine is that as a nuclear medicine technologist. Their main responsibilities are to prepare radio pharmaceuticals and also to treat and detect various diseases related to nuclear field. For this job, you need to have carried out a nuclear medicine technology training program which goes on for 4 years and you also need to carry out a 1 year certificate course which are offered by the hospitals. You have to learn all about the radiation effects, how they effect our body and how one can treat them etc. The salary in this field ranges from around USD30, 000 to USD40,000. The various careers in this field are
Research technologist
Nuclear physicians
Nuclear pharmacist
Hospital administrator
Senior staff technologist
Other Best Careers in Medicine
Medical Librarian
Medical Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Allopathic Physician
Nurse Anesthetist
Radiation Therapist
X-Ray Technician
Physician’s Assistant
Health Educator
Genetic Counselor
Industrial Hygienist
Medical Technologist
There, now you have the list of best careers in medicine which will help you to decide which all field you can apply, which will be more suitable for you when it come to making a decision regarding your career in medicine.

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