Barefoot Doctors Can “enter Code” – Barefoot Doctors – The Pharmaceutical Industry

Barefoot Doctors Can “enter Code” – Barefoot Doctors – The Pharmaceutical Industry
Has been outside the country free in the preparation of barefoot doctors, business owners can pass the examination prepared. Yesterday afternoon, the Suzhou Municipal Health Bureau issued the four departments of rural health personnel to strengthen the new policy, plans to use four years, nearly 300 million yuan put into the preparation of new 3100 to strengthen the construction of rural health personnel.

Has been serving the barefoot doctors in rural areas, not only have the opportunity to join a large secondary school graduates enter the business establishment, and the wage will be increased.

“Ageing + low education” is serious
Village doctors because often the fields activities, and there is no preparation, low income, so often referred to as barefoot doctors. It is understood that a large city of Suzhou 3884 within the existing rural doctors, of which more than 50 years of age, 55% in the tertiary education accounted for 48.1%, not only unreasonable workforce is also aging and there is a serious academic side Low phenomenon. Since there is no cause of rural health workers prepared for a long low income, so hard to attract quality graduates, rural health care institutions are facing lean situation.

“In recent years, foreign population has increased, the basic medical needs of rural residents increased, increasing the workload of medical institutions, but the medical staff did not increase, graduates more reluctant to grassroots levels, and each able to hire 2? 3 large secondary school graduates on the bad. “Municipal Health Bureau, the Director of Community Service Yao Qinglin not without feeling. It is understood, Suzhou agricultural population accounts for 42% of the total residence late last year to achieve all the farmers Suzhou card doctor, but medical personnel as a constraint to the development of new rural medical and health bottleneck.

Rural doctors after examination into the preparation of
“Rural doctors for rural health has made important contributions, we will compile them into opportunities, and new hires must meet the appropriate qualifications to ensure that rural health personnel in the overall level.” Yao Qinglin Director Introduction that will invest in Suzhou in 2012 nearly 3 million new 3100 prepared to address the shortage of qualified personnel in rural areas.

According to plan, Suzhou rural doctors currently in post, as long as the licensed assistant doctors and above achieved qualification, after the assessment should be able to enter the establishment, specialist medical colleges and universities and more graduates, according to the personnel departments of the procedures Zhao Lu. By setting a quota for this program, to 2012, Community Health Service center will service per 10 000 population with 18? 20 standards of health technicians, including 2? 3 General Practitioners. “There are nearly 1,200 rural doctors are receiving compensatory education, as long as access to appropriate academic qualifications, examination into the cause of the preparation can be after.” Yao Qinglin said the Commissioner.

Into the series, the rural health manpower personnel wage will be increased, in addition there will be a series of transfer training and academic education mission. According to regulations, rural health technicians at least every 5 years to the higher education units in 3 months, and the corresponding medical institutions must be free to receive some training places for outstanding grassroots level health personnel, the unit will also provide some incentives.

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