Alexandria Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Alexandria Alternative Medicine Practitioners
Traditional practitioners commonly treat pain and other ailments. However, Alexandria alternative medicine practitioners offer more choices for the individual who wishes to take a different path toward wellness. Among the alternatives offered for medical treatments are acupuncture, acupressure, massage, bodywork and therapeutic massage.

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice used to relieve pain. It is alternately used for therapeutic purposes. The procedure consists of inserting thin, disposable, stainless steel needles into specific points of the body in a near-painless experience. The needles are then manipulated to control what is known as “qi” or blood flow. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on treating “patterns of disharmony” instead of biomedical treatments.

Acupressure, on the other hand, can be thought of as a mixture of acupuncture and pressure together. It is another alternative medical technique that is derived from acupuncture, only physical pressure is applied to the points in the body that would normally be treated with needles during acupuncture. In acupressure, these areas are called, “acupoints.”

The practice of acupressure is controversial, as are most alternative treatments. However, many people report to have benefited from the practice.

Massage or massage therapy is another alternative medicine treatment that is used to treat stress, headaches, muscle aches and other pains, as well as for total relaxation. It is also used to alleviate lower back pain, which helps improve range of motion. Pregnant women often use massage therapy to help them during labor to have easier experiences. It also serves the purpose of helping to ease the dependence on addictive medications. The motion of massage therapy is said to enhance immunity by positively affecting the lymph flow. It has also been used to help athletes recover from injuries.

Massage therapy has also been known to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety as well as migraine headaches.

Bodywork is a therapeutic treatment that focuses on manipulating the energy fields that are associated with the body. The therapy’s practitioners hold the view that a lot of health conditions result from issues with the physical aspects of one’s body such as tight muscles, tension or a blockage of some times. Types of bodywork include Rolfing, lymph massage, Shiatsu, lomi-lomi and other deep tissue massage techniques. This method of treatment is being used more and more in mainstream sports medicine.

Therapeutic massage is used in the same way as bodywork, but does not always include deep tissue massage. It is used to treat tension, anxiety, stress and any number of other ailments. While used in some mainstream practices, therapeutic massage is ultimately considered an alternative medicine practice.

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