When Doctors Refuse to Treat LGBT Patients

When Doctors Refuse to Treat LGBT Patients
There are still a few organizations—which most doctors and scholars would likely consider part of the fringes of medicine—that challenge this view. Some are dissenting offshoots of mainstream associations. Others are the de-fanged descendants of …
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Some Austin doctors question Dell Medical School changes, payment cuts
Some physicians are riled about the school's plans to standardize the way they train new doctors, called residents, and to discontinue paying them if they teach at the bedside only. Payments to other trainer-doctors — who do more work, such as …
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More than a third of children 'not happy with doctors'
One in five children are not happy with the way they are treated by their doctors, according to a recent study. In the study, entitled 'Children's worlds: the subjective well-being of Maltese children', Carmel Cefai and Natalie Galea found that more …
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