Valueheart Dog Heartworm Medicine

Valueheart Dog Heartworm Medicine

Valueheart is a generic heartworm medicine. Made in Australia for the last ten years, Valueheart is now available worldwide. This heartworm preventative is based on the same principles as the leading branded heartworm pill, Heartgard for dogs.

Being a generic pet medication, Valueheart contains exactly the same active ingredient as the leading brand, and at the same dose. However, being a generic means this is a much cheaper option for your dogs heartworm medicine.

How Does Valueheart Dog Heartworm Medicine Work?

Rather than try to prevent heartworms infecting your pet, Valueheart works backwards. The idea is that these heartworm pills destroy larval stage heartworms before they pose any threat to your pet’s health. This is a practical solution to heartworm prevention, as eliminating the risk of a bite from an infected mosquito is impossible. But, we know larval worms generally take five to six months to reach maturity. It is only when the parasites become adults, congregating in heart and lungs to breed, that your pet’s health is put at risk.

Valueheart uses ivermectin, a proven anti-parasitic drug, to safely remove larval stage heartworms from your pet. Ideally, these heartworm pills should be used every month during times of mosquito activity. On use, the ivermectin is absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream. Then it destroys all larval worms which have been contracted during the previous 30 days.

Ivermectin is contained in small doses, suited to eliminating juvenile heartworms, in Valueheart. But, if you fail to use them on a monthly basis, they may still be able to eliminate even more developed parasites. In tests, after a gap of four months, Valueheart still managed to eliminate all heartworms, provided it was used every month for the following year.

Why Choose Valueheart Heartworm Pills?

If your vet recommends ivermectin based heartworm pills, you can heed their advice but save around 40% by choosing Valueheart rather than the brand your vet is likely to stock (Heartgard).

The protection against heartworm disease is identical, whether you use the brand or Valuheart, but the price tag is much more appealing. The same regulations apply to this and any other generic pet medicine, as they do to the branded versions, so your pet’s safety is in no way impaired by choosing to make some savings.

Valueheart heartworm medicine for dogs will prevent the parasite causing harm to your pet, when used correctly. These heartworm pills are reliable and safe to use on all breeds of dog from six weeks of age. Even breeding bitches and stud dogs can safely be given Valueheart dog heartworm medicine. In fact, maybe the question should be, why would you choose to spend more on the branded product?

For more information about Valueheart or to buy discount dog heartworm medicine visit the Heartworms, Dogs and Cats website.

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