The Medicine Behind a Corner Whirlpool Bath Tub

The Medicine Behind a Corner Whirlpool Bath Tub

Not anymore, with today’s technology; a whirlpool is within reach and available in a corner whirlpool bath tub model.  The space saving design of the corner whirlpool bathtub allows it to fit in some of the smallest bathrooms.

The medical benefits of a whirlpool tub are numerous. It is easiest to take a look at the benefit of water therapy to your body systems. Since the body functions as a system this would make the most sense.

Musculoskeletal system-This system involves your bones and muscles.  Tension in your muscles is a source of excruciating pain such as headaches and back pain.  Water massage in a corner whirlpool bathtub may help eliminate this tension and reduce pain levels.

Circulatory system-This generally is referring to the blood vessels that supply your limbs (arms and legs) with oxygen rich blood.  Time spent in a corner whirlpool bathtub can help promote healthy circulation.

Cardiovascular System-The heart and the blood vessels supply it are so important there is a special system for it, although it is part of the circulatory system.  The benefits of improved circulation may benefit the heart.  Those with known cardiovascular problems should consult a doctor prior to using a corner whirlpool bath tub.

Central Nervous System -The central nervous system is a complex network of the brain, the spinal cord, nerves, and nerve receptors.  Continually stimulation by water over the skin can have a numbing effect on pain nerve receptors.  Pleasurable experiences stimulate endorphins, your body’s own natural pain reliever. A great deal of research has been done on how much of an impact increased endorphin levels have on pain relief. If you are suffering from pain; a corner whirlpool bathtub may be helpful to you.

Endocrine System-The body releases hormones in response to increased stress levels.  These hormones are responsible for the body’s ability to be in fight or flight status, which put the body on high alert all the time.  This may cause serious health problems, even death.  Hydrotherapy is a proven method of relaxation when utilized properly. A corner whirlpool bathtub puts a relaxing water therapy massage as close as your bathroom.  No health insurance required.

This is just a short list of the health benefits of owning a whirlpool bathtub.  The medical benefits were the original reason for inventing the whirlpool.  A man named Jacuzzi created the invention to help alleviate the pain experienced by his toddler age son who had rheumatoid arthritis.  This was almost one hundred years ago.  The Jacuzzi name is now synonymous with whirlpools of all kinds including the whirlpool bathtub.  This invention has sparked an entire industry built around it.

The corner whirlpool bathtub does have an increased price tag over a conventional corner bathtub.  While it will not replace regular medical care;  this additional cost can well be worth the investment if you add the medical benefits.

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