The Immortal Medicine

The Immortal Medicine

All my writings are a dedication.

In the recent past a scientist discovered a miracle medicine that increases mans lifespan labeled immortality. Are these scientists capable of recognizing immortality when it comes? Of course they have to limit themselves to matter that can be touched and seen and I am certain that they do not think of themselves as God. They have never created life; they only discovered something they did not discover earlier. That means that God created IT first and consented to mans’ discovery at a time fixed by God. So if man did not find the medicine earlier it means God did not consent to it till now. God created to destroy and destroyed to create.

I really wonder how these scientists who feel the sun everyday on their bodies cannot get close enough to touch it, convince themselves and others like them with ideas of becoming immortal with a medicine that still does not allow their bodies to get close to the sun. It is only the body’s lifespan that the medicine increases not the souls’. I cannot imagine how the scientists cannot see the immortal within their own souls’? I guess one has to knock on many outer worlds to reach the innermost.

When scientists cannot create the living particle in each cell in his/her own body, how can they get immortal by just lengthening the lifespan of an already existing cell?

In India, in the olden days, astrologers suggested old men could marry young teenage girls to increase their lifespan for they feared death or the unknown. In fact the politicians presently ruling Tamil Nadu has its founder in this category. Now a medicine is being made to do the same. Men really have not come out of their old ideas or fears. They have only succeeded in dressing old fears with new make up. How can anyone live in fear and want to lengthen that life of fear? Why do men not accept the inevitable?

If youthfulness has an increased lifespan, then incidents of oppression will be on the rise. Men are not equipped to handle their own fears then how can they think of women and children? Their intolerance will be lengthened and they would want more. Maybe that is why babies can now be born from the discovery of using 2 cells from a woman’s body alone. Maybe more women will try to break free from men and speak out. Truly God is the only one who cares for all She created – women children men good bad ugly etc. 

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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