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Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant A certified medical assistant is basically the person who helps medical doctors with patient care. They work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. It is a decent job to be interested in these days because they are in demand and earn a reasonable income. In addition, the education and training requirements are […]

Medical Tourism in the Philippines

Medical Tourism in the Philippines Have you ever had to wait weeks or even months for medical treatment in your own country? Have you been shocked at the high cost of the treatment … and then found that both the wait and the cost has kept you from having the holiday of a lifetime? Well, […]

Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Company Health care professionals are so occupied in patient’s treatment that they do not have time or energy to do their billing job. But they cannot neglect this sector of their practice, as cash turnover is the key to success of a practice. Cash will flow smoothly only if the billing is done […]

Electronic Medical Records – Most Doctors Say No

Electronic Medical Records – Most Doctors Say No The Obama administration will be devoting billions of dollars to promote electronic medical records (EMR) for doctors. Today, EMR vendors run in and out of doctors’ offices trying to hawk their software. Each one claims to be the holy grail of electronic records. I admit that the […]

Demand For Medical Billers

Demand For Medical Billers The high demand in the job market allows a medical billing professional to earn competitive salary. Medical billers can earn either full time income or part time income. That is the advantage of being in the medical field. It gives the flexibility of working anywhere and anytime of the day. This […]

Salary For Medical Billing

Salary For Medical Billing The utmost important criterion in selecting a career for most of the people is salary. Like all the other jobs, billing salary varies around the country. Salary is significantly high in the larger cities of the US. This is basically due to the high cost of living in those cities. Due […]

Medical Billing Specialist Program

Medical Billing Specialist Program Medical billing specialist is a professional who works with medical office and is in charge of billing. As the medical field is growing, the demand for specialists is also growing tremendously. A medical specialist works to ensure the smooth flow of claiming and collection through efficient technique. A successful billing specialist […]

Best Medical Transcription Courses

Best Medical Transcription Courses Even though formal training is not mandatory to be a medical transcriptionist, having a certified degree or associate degree is very ideal to get a job. There are plenty of courses available to train people in medical transcription. They are available in both the forms; web based training and classroom based […]

Medical Tourism in a Nutshell

Medical Tourism in a Nutshell “Medical Tourism” is the act of traveling to receive medical care, and today that travel is often overseas.  Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, India, Costa Rica and others are excellent examples of today’s medical tourism hotspots.   One reason people are choosing medical tourism is cost savings – which can be […]

Medical Alarm Emergency Alert Button

Medical Alarm Emergency Alert Button Perhaps you suffer from an ailment that leaves you prone to accidents? Maybe you are in a wheelchair and live alone? Medical alarms can be your friend in need as you reach emergency responders with the push of a button. Medical alarms are available for the old and young alike. […]

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