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Electronic Medical Records – Most Doctors Say No

Electronic Medical Records – Most Doctors Say No The Obama administration will be devoting billions of dollars to promote electronic medical records (EMR) for doctors. Today, EMR vendors run in and out of doctors’ offices trying to hawk their software. Each one claims to be the holy grail of electronic records. I admit that the […]

Electronic Medical Record Implementation

Electronic Medical Record Implementation EMR system implementation will increase over the next five years due to direct pressure from the United States government. A majority of health care providers are expected to be using some type of EMR system by 2014. As physicians become aware of EMR benefits, more clinics and hospitals will convert to […]

Electronic Medical Records ? A Vital Need

Electronic Medical Records ? A Vital Need Electronic Medical Records prove to be a lot more useful than paper-based records. EMR offers the medical practitioners a far more economical and user-friendly alternative to the decades old paper-based documentation. Medical practitioners or healthcare units using this system do not have to hire a special person to […]

EMR: Electronic Medical Records

EMR: Electronic Medical Records Prior to the advent of this system, the only method available with the medical practitioners was the preservation of records on paper. The paper work posed some very serious challenges. The records preserved in the paper format were almost unable to browse if the title of a certain required file was […]

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