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Ultrasound Medical Career Options

Ultrasound Medical Career Options Ultrasound is one of several imaging technologies used in medicine.  X-ray machines use radiation, while CT and MRI scanners use radio waves. The third form of technology is ultrasound, or sonography.  Becoming a sonographer is the first step in the career, but many in the field specialize.  Here are five steps […]

Doctors Education And Career Information

Doctors Education And Career Information In India we have a special respect, love and affection towards Doctors .The rich culture and heritage may be one reason, why a doctor enjoys a special attention and respect in the society, irrespective of the specialty or the number of degrees to his credit, but being a doctor isnt […]

Medical Career Information

Medical Career Information A career in medicine, as a topic, is widely discussed among the masses. Everyone has a certain view and has something to add. A long-term career in medicine is widely sought after. Let’s know more on medical careers. People have different views about a medical career. Some think that getting into the […]

Career in Herbal Medicine

Career in Herbal Medicine Careers in herbal medicine are on the rise as a result of the increased demand for alternative healing methods to complement and sometimes even replace the Western medicinal techniques of prescription drugs and surgeries. More and more people are being drawn to herbal medicine, and talented individuals are stepping up to […]

A Challenging Nursing Career, The Nurse Practitioner

A Challenging Nursing Career, The Nurse Practitioner A nurse practitioner (NP) is higher than the RN or Registered Nurse. To become the nurse practitioner, a RN should have more education and training beyond the RN. The education and the training are about specialty area like the family practice or pediatrics. The nurses also get the […]

Career in Healthcare Sector

Career in Healthcare Sector See yourself as a care giver if you wish to enter the healthcare sector. Here are we discussing few things about Healthcare Career and what are the employment opportunities are there. How much employment is the healthcare sector creating and how is it likely to shape up as a job provider? […]

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