Salary For Medical Billing

Salary For Medical Billing

The utmost important criterion in selecting a career for most of the people is salary. Like all the other jobs, billing salary varies around the country. Salary is significantly high in the larger cities of the US. This is basically due to the high cost of living in those cities. Due to high demand for the medical employees, irrespective of their location they are able to pull a promising salary. But billing jobs or companies may not be available in small communities or in the suburbs. Most of the hospitals in the smaller cities outsource their billing to the companies in larger cities in the US. So, aspiring billing employees better to make sure the availability of job in their preferred area.

Most of the certified medical professionals work as billing specialists. While the others who are not certified, but are experienced in the medical billing, work as assistant. A specialist earns more than an assistant does. It’s due to the training and skill he/she gained in the medical billing course. A certified billing professional’s salary ranges from $ 25,000-$ 40,000 per annum.

Salary of a billing professional also depends on the amount of experience they have in this field. Medical is an ever changing field due to lots of emerging diseases and changes in the regulations surrounding the medical field. Continuing education is a way to keep the knowledge up to date. Experienced medical billing professionals are expected to participate in continuing education programs. In return, it helps to get a raise in the salary.

Medical billing professionals who work from home as independent consultants have the flexibility to control their income. They can take up multiple projects and increase their salary or if they are not particular about the income, they can take a single project at a time. But working as independent consultant has its own disadvantage; it is not a guaranteed job. The person may or may not get projects all the time. Medical professionals who are working from home usually charge based on hours of work. Hourly wage ranges from $ 10-$ 20, depending on the certification and experience they have.

There are many companies who do false promise on the salaries and make the candidates to shell out a lot of hard earned money to get a job. So prior signing any document or commitment, a detail research of the company is essential. It will save a lot of money and peace of mind.

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