Nurse Practitioner Programs in Hawaii

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Hawaii

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Hawaii are one of the most successful and cherished training programs in the United States. No one can forebear a career that provides a tamped down bouquet of glooming job opportunities. Nurse practitioners or the APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) are highly skilled medical professionals and are allowed to medicate patients after 1000 hours of clinical experience.

Nurse Practitioner Programs helps students in understanding various pinpoints of nursing. They not only learn medical assistance and medication but also learn to understand the patient-nurse practitioner relationship, culturally sensitive care and demonstrate them real life experience in variety of programs based on patient care situations and help them pursue career based on ethical and legal principles.

The training period goes for around 2 years in duration and is completed in 4 semesters. Clinical training of 560-800 hours is provided depending on the specialization field. There are a number of career options in the nurse practitioner programs such as pediatrics, family nurse, adult acute care, gerontology, psychology, neonatal nurse practitioner, women health care etc. the average salary of a nurse practitioner is $ 89856, which is higher than the national average income per head.

Eligibility Criteria:-
•    Candidate must be a current Registered Nurse and must have some clinical experience.
•    Good 3.0 or higher GPA in graduation.
•    Physical assessment test along with a background check is conducted.
•    Recommendation letters are required before enrollment.
•    You must have a Certification provided by a National Certifying Organization.

Strings of medical career are in tandem to one another and there are number of options for entering in the nursing field. Nurse practitioners are very skilled and hedged towards their work. Candidates need to pass the state certification examination for getting a license to work as a Nurse Practitioner. Before working independently nurse practitioners have to work as an assistant to the physicians to acquire experience and have proper understanding of patient-nurse practitioner relationship.

The names of universities that provide regular nurse practitioner training in Hawaii are:
•    University of Hawaii, Hilo
•    Hawaii Pacific university, Honolulu
•    University of Hawaii, Manoa
Besides these universities there are a number of other universities those provide online training course for Nurse Practitioner Programs. Some of them are:-
•    Strayer University
•    University of Phoenix
•    Grand Canyon University
•    American InterContinental University Online
•    Walden University
•    Virginia College
•    Heald College
•    DeVry University

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