Medicine In Future

Medicine In Future
Thanks to the advanced technology, a lot of good medicine types have been invented to save the lives of people. It is a fact that medical technology is developing at high speed day by day. And the more  developed it is, the lower our chance of dying after an incident becomes.


One of the amazing things about technology is the new explosion if wireless communication. Mobile phones are now a vital carry along item for many. The applications they have allow us to do a large number of tasks with a greater efficiency. Now what we are seeing is a cross over from the medical world into the use of wireless technology.


Imagine a world where everything you needed to know about yourself you could see from your mobile phone. As you drive to work, you can check an app that shows you your heart rate, stress level, how well you slept, etc. This is already in the works and prototypes have already been created. Through wireless technology, people are going to be able to wear something as small as a band-aid that gives them all the necessary bodily information they could want to know about themselves. This is expected to greatly reduce the amount of bed ridden hospital patients. What they expect is that if these graphs can give us all the information we need to know about our internal workings, we can better predict possible problems and understand how to prevent them earlier on. Currently the most common reason for hospital patients being submitted is heart failure. With the help of this new wireless technology, people will be able to monitor all the necessary aspects of the heart so they can know when problems may arise. This technology is not only expected to save us massive amounts of money, but large amounts of lives as well.


Beyond the necessity based aid this technology gives, there will also be interesting perks that come along with it. A prototype for a sleep monitor has been released that tells you how well you slept at night. You have to wear a head band like device, but it tells you which levels of sleep you got the most in and how you should expect to feel. It would also display on it if you’re sleeping or not, so you cannot trick someone into thinking you’re asleep because all they have to do is look at the monitor.


We are seeing more and more devices like this pop up and the end result will only be positive. We can help save massive amounts of dollars by predicting possible problems before they arise, as well as be able to monitor ourselves and our internals while doing any activity. On top of this, it is expected to save the health care system billions of dollars.


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