Medical Penlights

Medical Penlights
Every doctor has a few small instruments they keep in their pockets in all times, and medical penlights are one such example. These are tiny flashlights used to illuminate the eyes, nose, throat, mouth, and ears of a patient, which allows the doctor to do his job better. Nurses, EMT’s, and other medical professionals also carry and use these diagnostic penlights, as they make the job of checking on a patient much easier.

These penlights are small, lightweight, and very convenient to carry. The light works well because it comes out in a small beam that is directed right to the target, making it much easier for the body to be seen. The darker places of the human body must be lit up in order for the professional to do his/her job correctly. For the eyes of a patient, the light can help check pupil size and dilation. It helps to have a well lit mouth and throat for a patient who may be suffering from a cold or similar illness. The ears can also be checked for foreign objects and other abnormalities with these medical penlights.

Diagnostic penlights are not only easy to carry, but they are also simple to use. Most come with a small button or clip on the base that will allow you to quickly turn the light on and off. Those that come with a clip tend to be better for those with pockets. The clip can attach to the clothing to prevent the pen from getting damaged or lost by slipping out of the lab coat or scrubs. These penlights run on batteries. Some allow the user to replace the battery when it dies, while others are disposable and just need to be replaced after being used for a while.

There are many brands of medical penlights on the market. It should be noted that not all of these products are created equally. Some come with very low performing lights or batteries, meaning they will need to be replaced frequently. Others are more intricately designed and come with parts that will allow it to be used for years. They tend to be offered in a number of different colors. Buying these items in bulk will usually secure you a more affordable price.

As you can see, the need for medical penlights in a hospital setting is great. It is recommended that every doctor carry one of these devices to make it easier for him to check on his patients. The light is an important tool in diagnostics, as it can help a person see the dim areas of the mouth, nose, ears, and throat. There are a number of different brands and styles available when it comes to diagnostic pens. Selecting those of higher quality will allow you to save money and look more professional with a penlight clipped to your pocket. is dedicated to helping our customers find the latest, top quality medical devices from stethoscopes, hammers, medical penlights and sphygmomanometer to replacement cuffs at the lowest possible cost

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