At The Centre Of Hope, our program is all about getting back to basics. More often than not people that come from backgrounds of addiction or dysfunction have simply lost the ability to function normally within society. We try and teach our residents basic life skills through various therapeutic duties, such as making their beds, keeping their own area tidy, doing laundry, learning to cook as well as cooking meals, and the general upkeep of the Centre.

Throughout the day there are classes where the residents are taught a number of different courses after that there are workstations where the residents are required to work around the Centre and farm.

The residents are also taught how to deal with others in a sober manner, as well as how to deal with conflict situations.

Every resident is required to write a life-story detailing events in their lives. This helps with identifying potential problem areas which can then be worked through during the counseling process. They are also required to keep a daily journal of their time spent here at the Centre.

Church services are given every Sunday, as well as two Praise & Worship sessions a week.

Residents are provided individual counseling; however the number of counseling sessions depends entirely upon the resident. This encourages the resident to take responsibility for their own lives and make and keep the appointments to see their assigned counselor.

Male and female residents are kept completely separate, as a person does not come into treatment to find a boy-or girlfriend, they come here to make a very serious change in their lives and one cannot do this if you are focused on a member of the opposite sex.
We are extremely strict about this policy.

We are currently a small group of residents which makes it possible for personal interaction and allows us to know what’s going on in each one of or residents lives.

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