Alcoholism and drug addiction affect not only the individual, but also family members, friends and employers. Family members can become ill too as they engage in enabling behavior under the well-intentioned but misdirected intention of wanting to help. Even though addiction can be a lonely and fearful disease of isolation, the feelings seep into family members, who often feel fear, anger, shame and guilt. They want to solve the problem, but they cannot, and in the process of attempting to cope with the addiction, they hide the truth from themselves and others. They often begin telling lies to employers, doctors and friends to cover up for the addict’s behavior – an act of desperation and love that always only enables the addict.

At NOCCA addiction treatment center, we believe that alcohol rehab programs must include families in order to facilitate healthy recovery and communication skills for everyone involved. With the iRecover tools immediately available every day, they can gain strength and momentum in recovery along with their loved one.

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