Know The Different Types Of Dentists

Know The Different Types Of Dentists

A physician who is licensed to deal with any sort of dental issue is known as a dentist. Brookfield, West Allis, and Greenfield are some of those places in US where many residents visit dentists to get rid of dental issues.

It is always better to know the field of expertise of the dentist you are about to visit. This would ensure that your oral problem is getting properly diagnosed. Although any dental expert is known as a dentist, however, there are some dental specialists who concentrate on a specific branch of dental medical science. For example, an orthodontist helps in realigning the patient’s teeth and also rectifying misaligned jaws. Below are a list of dental experts and the part of dentistry they specialize in:

1.Pediatric Dentists: These experts specialize in dental care for children. You may also take infants who are teething to a pediatric dentist in case they have any dental problems.

2.Endodontics: Dentists specializing in this field mainly focus on the root canals and any operational treatment of this area. They also offer remedies for any tissue related problems around the root of your teeth. Amongst numerous US residents Brookfield citizens frequently visit these dental experts for problems with their root canals.

3.Maxillofacial and oral surgery specialists: These physicians perform oral surgeries which help to deal with dental injuries, diseases in the neck or jaw and malfunction of the jaw line of patients. An oral or maxillofacial surgeon also helps in fixing the tissue and bone associated with dental problems.

4.Prosthodontics: These dental experts specialize in prosthetics which includes the bone or teeth implants in the mouth and the jaw. They also specialize in treatment planning, diagnosis, maintenance and rehabilitation of the jaws and teeth.

5.Veterinary dentists: These dental experts specialize in any sort of dental requirements and issues of animals.

6.Oral pathologists: These dentists treat any sort or dental problems with the help of various tests and also by taking x-ray pictures of the teeth. These tests and x-rays help these physicians to determine the type of treatment required for the patient.

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