Is Living A Healthy Life A Huge Secret

Is Living A Healthy Life A Huge Secret
How do you live a healthy lifestyle? Well, first of all lets decipher what ‘a healthy lifestyle’ is. Someone who eats right, consumes the correct amount of fluids each day, doesn’t smoke or drink, and exercises regularly could be classed as living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are someone who needs to make improvements to the way they live, so you feel more energetic and happy, the secret is to make small, regular changes to what you are doing now.

Try these general tips for breaking free of your current routines.

Lack of activity is a huge problem for the majority of people. They get out of bed in the morning, eat a piece of toast, then perhaps drive people around all day in a limo or a cab – and not moving more than their feet or hands around the steering wheel! It is this lack of activity, or rather exercise which makes people feel sluggish, unfit and not wanting to do anything.

But feeling slow, lethargic and unhappy is all our imagination that this is how it is supposed to be. The choices and options we have are abundant. To give our bodies a far chance, we all have twenty four hours in a single day to make these small changes.

We know that exercise and eating a healthy diet is good for us, but again most of us are caught up with life and living it now. And I’m not talking about those of us who live every moment as if it’s our last. Some people even think that adequate exercise entails just walking from the car to the office, and shy away, which is just lazy!

If you want to feel better, you have to move around, now matter how much or how little. Even household chores can help, like gardening, moving the lawn or taking the kids to school on foot, rather than by car.

Just make these small, but significant changes and you will feel a lot more healthy.

To keep your body continually moving, here are a few ideas for you.

Do a little bit more each day, than the day before. Every little bit counts towards a healthier you. This will gradually increase your level of fitness, while burning calories and losing a few pounds of fat.

Do you watch a lot of TV? If you have one of those HDTV 42 inch flat screen tvs, just switch it off and move around a little, instead of just sitting on the sofa. Give your four legged best friend an extra walk each day, if you have a dog that is. Add this to your new exercise regime – all it takes is getting up off the sofa and pressing the button of that TV!

And if you don’t have a dog, you can always do what I do. First thing every morning, as soon as I wake up and before breakfast, I go for a walk for between thirty minutes to an hour. I put my walking shoes by the side of the bed each night, then set the alarm a bit earlier. But I do set the alarm earlier than normal. I really do feel better for having this early morning walk, listening to a few mp3 recordings! Anything you can think of to keep moving from now on, DO IT. You will feel healthier in the long run.

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