How To Change Dentists

How To Change Dentists
There are lots of reasons why you might need to change who your practicing dentist is. Maybe your dentist is retiring, or maybe you’re moving to a new area. No matter what the reason, it can be stressful, especially for the high percentage of people who suffer from dental phobia. Here are some ideas on how to change dentists so that your next one will be just as good as the last one.

How To Find A New Dentist

The first step is to shop around for dentists in your area. While it’s not hard to find a decent clinic, it’s very difficult to find one that will meet all of your needs. One great way to find a new place is to simply ask your old dentist for a recommendation. If you’re staying in the same area, they can refer you to a colleague that they know does good work. You can also ask friends and family. Referrals are a great way to find professionals of any kind.

You can also search online. There are a number of dentist review sites where patients leave comments about their visit. This is a great way for you to find dentists in a certain area and also read detailed comments on how they are. You can search by area, so this is a great option if you’re moving. Simply type in the area where you’re moving to, and you’ll get listings for dental practitioners in that area.

Narrowing Down Your Search

Once you’ve got a few prospects, make sure that they’re all included in your insurance plan. Now that you’ve checked that out, it’s time to start calling the clinics and talking to people. The most important thing to look for is ease of communication. They should be friendly and professional, and most of all they should make you feel at home. You can visit their clinics too and talk to the staff. The purpose of these visits should be to check out the facilities and, again, see how comfortable you feel walking into their establishment. Remember that your comfort level is going to determine how likely you are to make appointments in the future.

Your Dental Records

When you change dentists, your dental records don’t go with you. You’ll have to fill out a number of forms and also tell them as much as you can remember about the history of your teeth. The forms will take some time. You don’t have to remember everything that ever happened to your teeth; a skilled dentist can take a good look inside and see exactly what’s been done in the past. Once you’ve got your forms filled out, you’re ready for your first check-up.

Changing dentists adds one more layer of anxiety to something that already makes people nervous. The important thing is to go ahead and get started, and let that worry stay as a small thing in the back of your mind. The sooner you get your new dentist chosen, the sooner you’ll be able to start taking advantage of their services.

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