Healthy Living and the Memory Foam Mattress

Healthy Living and the Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep is a tonic for body and mind. It is by far, one of the most beneficial activities we can experience, as internal systems relax and are relieved from the fast paced pressure of wakefulness. The human growth hormone is also released and is responsible for speeding up the absorption of nutrients and amino acids into cells and in doing so, replenishes strength which diminishes during the day’s activities. Melatonin is also released as we sleep and plays a significant role in immunity. It is also thought to prevent the formation of cancerous tumours, which is definitely an incentive to fit more sleep into your diary.


Restful sleep is the only effective way you can restore the body and mind. Buying a memory foam mattress ensures that quality sleep is maximised. This means that your health becomes directly benefitted. A memory foam mattress creates a haven in which you can fully relax. Antioxidants are also increased as we sleep, which are vital to maintaining health by protecting us from viral infections. Cell division is also increased as we sleep, meaning that restoration is at its peak when we sleep. Our skin directly benefits from more sleep, as it renews more quickly and results in a fresh, improved complexion. Instead of buying make-up that promises similar effects to a full night’s sleep, we should aim to put in an adequate amount of real sleep and gain the genuine benefits. 


Sleep is also thought to help with slimming as the option to eat is not available as we sleep, meaning we cut down our calorie intake and become leaner as a result. Sleep points to health and vitality, without it we would not be able to function. Sleep also helps us cope with stress better, which is an obvious observation but one that is worth mentioning. Mood can take a nosedive if we are deprived of sleep. We become irritable, which alienates the people around us and leaves us feeling dejected. It is amazing how a few hours of sleep can elevate our mood, making us physically and mentally resilient.


A memory foam mattress means that we are more likely to gain an uninterrupted night of slumber, as opposed to resting on a traditional sprung mattress that is more prone to developing lumps and bumps. Retreating to an inviting bed will more than likely make bed time earlier as we look forward to experiencing its lustrous qualities.


The billions of spherical shaped open cells that make up the layers of a memory foam mattress conform to the body’s contours, so that every inch is supported and relieved of pressure. Comfort is the key attraction of a memory foam mattress, which makes it the ultimate sleeping companion. Once tried, there is no going back. A lifetime of serenity is guaranteed in a weightless sleep that is nothing short of perfect. Swapping a mattress that you thought did the job to a mattress that excels in almost every aspect relating to sleep is an exchange you won’t regret. 


Stefan Lindberg

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