Healthcare Kiosks: Innovation of Healthcare Sectors

Healthcare Kiosks: Innovation of Healthcare Sectors

Innovators in the healthcare sector such as Nova Medical, MedHost and HealthAsyst to name a few have tapped kiosks to bring in new solutions to clients. Healthcare kiosks have the ability to create leverage for cost competitive services that is not only beneficial for companies but also to clients.  It is not only used by health insurance companies but clinics and hospitals as well have used healthcare kiosks to provide better services to their patients. Healthcare kiosks provide the following features to the patients:

1.) Biometric identification. Patient’s data are secured and can only be checked by several measures such as biometric identification, facial compatibility as well as fingerprint scanning. These privacy filters makes healthcare kiosks secure thus the information can only be viewed by patients. Moreover, the kiosk also offers automatic log off after a specified idle time.

2.) Insurance card scanners. Verification of account balance as well as premiums can easily be checked through the electronic insurance card scanners.

3.) Easy payment transactions. Healthcare kiosks have upfront collection for patient dues thereby improving the cash collections of the company and also minimizing customer queue.

4.) Alert notifications. Healthcare kiosks provide alert notifications to clients for important notices regarding the company’s new products and services

5.) Facility directions. Healthcare kiosks are usually placed in relevant places such as clinics and hospitals thus one of the most important features of healthcare kiosks is that it provides directions to the facilities of the hospital or clinic where it is located. Moreover, aside from providing directions to different facilities in the clinic, the kiosk also provides information of different specialists that are covered by the health insurance.

6.) Prescription refill ordering. Healthcare kiosks reduce queues on pharmacies through prescription refill ordering.

The healthcare kiosks simply provide benefits to your clients. Kiosks also provide excellent customer service through the integrated patient queue management system that it employs. But more than that, the healthcare kiosks is also beneficial to your company since it saves significant hours of staff time as well as the reduction of staff overhead. Since the inquiries are made online, healthcare facilities can also reduce administrative paperwork thus increasing the potential to achieve ROI in no time at all.

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