GERD Cures – What Doctors Do Not Want You to Know About Acid Reflux

GERD Cures – What Doctors Do Not Want You to Know About Acid Reflux

GERD cures have been around for centuries and have worked for centuries. However, these gastro esophageal reflux disease remedies seemed to take a back seat after the release of antacids. Because people naturally love convenience, antacids seemed to be the obvious choice for treating acid reflux.

Unfortunately, most GERD sufferers discovered that it was only a matter of time before antacids started to lose their effectiveness. Therefore, stronger and harsher medications were prescribed which often had the same results as antacids. ‘Worked for a while but lost their effectiveness.’

If you are looking for GERD cures, you have found the right place. Here are simple remedies that doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not want you to find out about.

Curing Heartburn Naturally

Heartburn, also called acid reflux, should be cured by treating the cause. Do you know what the cause of this annoying disease is?

Most people do not know that a weakened or damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is the main cause of GERD. The sphincter is a collection of muscles that are just above the stomach opening. The sphincter is responsible for keeping food in the stomach and stomach acid out of the esophagus.

Unfortunately, over time the sphincter becomes weakened because of poor dieting. Antacids do nothing to treat this cause; however, antacids temporarily help by neutralizing the refluxed stomach acid.

Therefore, antacid companies have customers for life while providing temporary relief with no permanent cure. Very unfortunate to all the people who have purchased antacids.

Fortunately, there are GERD cures that still work! Here are some of them.

GERD Cures that Work

1. After every meal or snack, you should wash down the food with a tall glass of water. This has many benefits besides preventing heartburn. Water will help cleanse the sphincter muscle so it will close up tighter, not allowing gases and refluxed acid to leak up into the esophagus and mouth.

2. Honey is golden! Honey has been an ancient remedy that is used to heal tissue. Even ancient Egyptians used honey to treat numerous ailments, maybe even acid reflux. You should take a teaspoon of honey whenever you feel discomfort or you feel an attack coming on. Honey will help cure the damaged esophagus and sphincter. Make sure to also take a teaspoon before you go to sleep.

3. Red apples are delicious and also a great remedy for treating acid reflux. All you need to do is eat a slice of red apple whenever you feel discomfort or heartburn coming on. This remedy has worked wonders for my dad for almost 30 years.

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