Garlic – A Natural Medicine

Garlic – A Natural Medicine

Garlic was used as a medicine from ancient times. In Indian subcontinent it was used before 5000 years ago, according to the ancient sanskrit documents. The Chinese used garlic as a wound healing and benefecial health qualities before 3000 years ago. In 1858, Louis Pasteur praised the anti-bacterial properties of it. In first and second world war surgeons used it as an antibiotic.

Garlic contains a sulphar containing compound allicin. Allicin gives it’s taste and aroma and is thought to be the key ingredient that gives it’s natural health benefits.

Garlic kills 30 types of bacteria which are responsible for intestinal disorders and digestive problems. Animal studies, and some early investigational studies in humans, have suggested possible cardiovascular benefits of it. A Czech study found that garlic supplementation reduced accumulation of cholesterol on the vascular walls of animals

It has been used for hundreds of years to treat dysentery. It helps to kill intestinal worms and other parasites. It also has antifungal properties to prevent and help treat intestinal disorders such as candida. Garlic’s antifungal qualities has also been used to treat fungal and bacterial skin infections as well as infections of the lung, sinus, bladder, vagina, colds and flu.

It helps in the regulation of blood is a blood thinner that reduces the possibility of strokes and atherosclerosis. Garlic has been found to reduce the size of certain tumors and help prevent cancer especially in the digestive system. As a natural antibiotic, it kills some strains of bacteria that have become immune or resistant to prescription synthetic antibiotics without harming beneficial bacteria we need for our digestive health.

Although garlic as a medical supplement used by the ancient people, but it has real antimicrobial properties which does not resist the microbes to the body like classical antibiotics. So in this modern age people turn to use it again as a medical supplement.