Foods Dentists Say May Darken Teeth

Foods Dentists Say May Darken Teeth
Its so easy to take your teeth for granted. We hardly ever think about them much or about how important they are in our daily lives, even while we brush and use them for chewing food while eating. Those two things have become so much of a routine habit, its easy to forget how important good dental hygiene is and what it really means. Many people dont put much thought into their teeth until a problem arises. One of the best ways to easily take care of your teeth is learning what foods dentists in Seattle recommend avoiding to ensure keeping a bright smile.

The Importance Of Your Smile

A bright smile has a lot of meaning. Its a big part of your personal appearance. How much your teeth are stained often plays a part in making a good or bad first impression. While its not exactly fair to judge a person on their smile, people do. This makes having an attractive smile extremely important. An attractive smile is also important to feeling good about yourself, as most people exude more confidence when speaking or interacting with people when they have a nice smile. The easiest way to keep your smile attractive is to avoid foods and drinks that can darken your teeth so your teeth stay as sparkling white as possible.

Foods And Drinks To Avoid

Most people know right away that coffee and tea are high on the list of drinks that will stain your teeth. This is bad news for coffee lovers that start their day off with coffee and continue drinking throughout the day. The good news is that if you make cleaning your teeth a big priority so you remove coffee and tea stains daily, you can continue to drink coffee and tea without extensive staining.

While cigarettes are not technically a food or drink, they make the list because they will turn your teeth brown and yellow if you dont stay on top of good teeth cleaning habits. Many dentists in Seattle believe cigarettes are the number one cause of discolored teeth.

If you love chocolate and consume it often, eventually it could cause your teeth to darken. Not only that, chocolate is loaded with sugar that can cause cavities and decay. Foods that are rich with deep colors like yellow mustard and tomato sauced foods will turn your teeth from bright white to dark over time.

Several popular drinks will also likely cause you to want to close your mouth instead of flashing a big smile, including red wine and cola soft drinks. A variety of fruit and fruit flavored drinks with colored syrup can also be a hindrance to white teeth.

A high and frequent consumption of cranberry juice and even a childs favorite flavored slushy is loaded with rich coloring that will cause staining as well. Watch out on those hot summer days if you love eating popsicles, they also fall into the category of staining foods.

Lastly, fruits like blueberries and strawberries can cause a problem over time for your beautiful white teeth. If you enjoy eating any of these foods, make sure you brush and floss more often. A good rule of thumb to protect your smile is to brush after every meal and visit your dentists Seattle regularly.

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